Cover Pot


They sparkle, they shine, they fascinate. These Pots don’t just complete each other perfectly, but also suit almost every style. They are destined for living spaces where their laid-back appearance merges with the surroundings.

Product Details


Cover Pot

Sizes Available

4.25″, 4.5″, 4.75″, 5″, 5.25″, 5.75″, 6″, 6.25″, 6.5″, 7″, 7.5″, 8.25″

Colors Available

Bright Lilac, Metalic Grey, Pure Lilac, Bright Merlot, Galaxy Ruby, Galaxy Green, Galaxy Grey, Light Grey, Soft Lavender, Red, Winterberry, Silver, Crystal White, Golden Red, Panna, Printed Silver, Golden Cream, Dark Red, Golden Earth, Glass Grey, Glossy Taupe, Pure Robin, Gold, Silver
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