Gift Cards

Centrascape Gift Cards

e-Gift Card

The most convenient and quickest way to gift our beautiful plants and flowers. This card will be emailed directly to the recipient and is available in any denomination starting at TT$50.

The recipient can redeem the gift card by printing the received e-gift card and presenting it in our store.


  • e-Gift cards are emailed to recipient within minutes.
  • Personalize your design & message.
  • No shipping charges.
  • Easy and convenient
  • Easy and convenient way to deliver your gift straight to your loved ones.

Gift Card

Our Centrascape Gift Cards are the perfect way to show how much you care with plants and flowers.

This gift card is beautifully wrapped and packaged in a white box. You can also add a personalized message to the card.

The recipient can redeem the gift card in our store.


Purchase in store (see here for our location)

  • Available in any denomination starting at TT$100.


    How fast will my e-Gift Card be received?

    E-Gift Cards are sent via email immediately upon completion of payment verification. In many cases, this will be within a few hours, and may take up to 24 hours.

    When will I be charged for an e-Gift Card?

    Payment is processed as soon as the order information is verified. Even if you have requested delayed arrival of your e-gift card, your payment will still be processed right away and the gift email will be sent to the recipient on the morning of the date requested.

    What if e-Gift email is not received?

    If you’re being super generous and buying someone else a Centrascape e-Gift Card, please make sure you get their email address correct! If you get it wrong and the Gift Card is emailed to someone else who uses it, there’s not much we can do. Check, double check and even triple check before you buy it.

    Speaking of emails, sometimes pesky (but useful) spam filters may flag certain emails and send them into junk or spam folders. So, if you’ve not been thanked for your generous gift, it’s worth giving them a nudge because there might be something wonderful waiting for them in their junk or spam folder!

    In rare cases when the e-gift card email is still not received within 48 hours, please contact us and we’ll re-issue the e-gift card.

    Where can I contact for issues related to gift cards?

    If you have any issues with gift cards or e-gift cards, you can reach us on our WhatsApp number by messaging us or calling on: 361 6526

    What is the validity period for Gift Cards?

    Both Physical and e-Gift Cards are valid for a period of 6 months. Once expired gift cards are no longer valid and no-refunds can be given.

    Where can I use my Gift Card?

    Physical gift cards and e-gift cards can only be redeemed in-store.

    Can I Redeem My Gift Card For Cash?

    Gift Cards are not redeemable for cash, except where required by law.

    What if I lose my Gift Card or delete e-gift card email?

    Please treat your gift card like cash. Lost or stolen gift cards cannot be replaced unless the card number is provided by card owner to validate that card contains funds. Gift cards purchased from any source other than, Centrascape retail locations or official Centrascape partners/retailers are not valid and will not be replaced or reloaded.