Some of the services carried out under landscaping and garden include:

Design and planning

  • Site surveys and design
  • Conceptual, 3D and 2D plans
  • Functional use analysis of site
  • Environmental planning related to conservation and development
  • Creation of urban & rural public spaces using landscaping


Installation of Landscape Features

  • Customized planting plans
  • Lawn care and turf management
  • Hardscapes (terraces, walkways, green screens etc.)
  • Water features and swimming pools
  • Cascading waterfalls and wet walls
  • Construction of ponds and rock gardens
  • Irrigation
  • Landscape lighting
  • Grading, filling and slope stabilisation of areas


Garden design

  • Planting designs
  • Redesign of planter beds
  • Use of container gardens
  • Providing feature pieces in containers or focal points
  • Restyling and revamping a back yard, terrace or patio
  • Sourcing specialist plants
  • Repotting plants and refreshing existing container gardens


Customized maintenance and after care plans