Centrascape began its operations in 1986 as a garden maintenance company and, within a year, started offering landscape design and installation services.

In 1989 we started producing our plants. Our goal was to grow plants that were of a higher quality than those that could be purchased at the time. These plants were used mainly to supply our existing landscape and maintenance operations, thereby strengthening this growing business.

In 1992, we opened our first retail centre at Centre City Mall, Chaguanas. In 1995, we continued our expansion by relocating to a more spacious location at Mid Centre Mall Compound, from where we continue to run our retail operations today.

In 1999, our landscape and retail operations had outgrown our existing plant production capacity. Therefore, a three acre farm was acquired in Carlsen field and our plant production activities were relocated there, together with its landscaping operation unit.

Since 1999, we have enjoyed significant growth in both the Garden Centre sales and the landscaping operation. Today, our farm is 100% under production and the garden centre carries offers an ever-expanding range of garden and landscape products.

Although our operations have grown significantly since we started out over 25 years ago, we maintain a capacity that is sustainable and allows us to provide a personal experience to our customers, whether this customer wishes to buy a single plant or landscape a large garden. Centrascape’s team of Mr. & Mrs. Beharry and their group of twenty (20) dedicated and loyal employees are committed to bringing you the best service, highest quality plants, and stunning landscape solutions for many decades to come.

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