ACLA Architecture’s 5Q’s with Dr. Nesha Beharry-Borg

Our very own Dr. Nesha Beharry-Borg, was recently interviewed by Hayley Dougall from ACLA Architecture. During this 5 Q's feature, ACLA Architecture got a glimpse into the fascinating mind of Dr. Nesha Beharry-Borg, Director of Centrascape. Check out a snippet of the...

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Keeping House Plants Happy on Loop TT

Loop News recently visited Centrascape Garden Centre and spoke with our Director and resident 'Plant Mom' about how to keep house plants happy. Check out a teaser of his interview in the below video

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News & Promotions

Create Your Own Magical Fairy Garden

Kids of all ages were invited on Saturday 16th November to join us in creating their own personalized Magical Fairy garden with a touch of Christmas. A special thank you to all those who participated in our Fairy Garden event. We had a magical time learning and...

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The Art of Coffee Painting

We had an amazing workshop learning The Art of Coffee Painting while obtaining expert plant care information and design tips on Succulents, Caladiums, and Ficus Lyrata. A special thanks to all participants and collaborators. Neala Luna - StoryCollector, Roastel...

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Ideas & Advice

Shrubs Basic Care

When designing a garden, you can rely on shrubs to create focal points. Here are some simple tips you can follow: Water the shrubs before planting; this helps reduce the stress of transplanting and helps to keep the soil ball intact. Dig a hole. The hole should be the...

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What to do about those garden pests?

Most gardeners face pests in their gardens from time to time, and usually they are not a big deal. However, sometimes theses little buggers cause more than just mere aesthetic damage. Watch out for these pesky critters wreaking major havoc to your garden. Aphids A...

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