Annual Care Made Easy

Taking proper care of garden annuals is not as difficult as you may think. Annuals are easy going because they’re tough and durable. Proper care on a regular basis will reward you with healthier, lush and colourful plants.

Here are some quick care tips:


Water is a must

To maintain consistent growth and lush greenery ensure that plants are regularly watered. Deep watering allows for roots to access water, so water the soil.


Annuals need food too

To ensure healthier and greener leaves, more buds and flowers apply a well-balanced fertilizer to the soil.


Apply Mulch

Mulching helps to conserve soil moisture, prevent weed growth and helps prevent soil borne diseases.


Deadhead your annuals regularly

Some annuals benefit from deadheading or the removal of spent flowers to encourage a stronger rebloom. Deadheading can be done by either pinching out the old flowers as they fade with your fingers or cutting them out using a pruning shears.


“A little extra care would keep your annuals looking attractive all year long.”

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